Easykleen EK Plus 80A



Welds cleaned with a EASYKLEEN TEC BRUSH using DC have significantly better corrosion resistance due to reduced micro scale and removal of large grain boundaries which lead to printing (corrosion) than pickling paste and electrochemical cleaning brush using alternation current AC.



  • It is effective in passivation and therefore improving corrosion resistance of surfaces. 
  • It removes rouge, rust and stains from surfaces.
  • It does not scratch or etch but it does polish, the polish is controlled by user.
  • It dissolves the particles that the inclusions cling to therefore removing the particles.
  • It microscopically smooth the surface giving the best possible finish.
  • It removes weld scale and decolouration. 
  • 80% duty cycle
  • The versatility of the carbon fiber master brush allows TIG CHAMP Brush to clean both TIG and MIG welds.


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